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July 17, 2013

Akshay Marathe

I completed my high school from Singhania School this year, with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Literature and Computer Science, scoring an average of 92.20 percent in the ISC examination. I have taken up further education at the SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce at Sion, Mumbai where I have chosen Economics, Politics and History as my subjects.

I am an active volunteer of the Aam Aadmi Party in Mumbai, but I try to make sure my articles are not influenced by that association (unless of course, the purpose of the article is to talk about the party).

Apart from being a student and follower of politics, I am a student of Hindustani Classical Music, learning under the guidance of my Guru, Shri Nishad Bakre. Starting this year, I am also tutoring school students in Science subjects as a source of income and experience.






October 17, 2011

Akshay Marathe

I am a student studying in the 11th Grade. I am deeply  passionate about India’s politics and wish to bring out my views about the same to others like me. Currently I am doing an ISC course in Science from Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane. Due to my love for social activities, I have been a persistent participant of the anti-corruption movement in India led by Anna Hazare. It is my dream to transform my  country, India, from one of the world’s most corrupt, poor and divided societies into a society that would symbolize transparency, equality in all spheres and integration of a people. I intend to achieve this by joining politics after completing my education which will allow me to be an active catalyst in the development of India. Neither am I a progeny of any political figure and nor am I born to millionaire parents. So, I am aware that I have an uphill road ahead. Nevertheless, I am determined to see change in the prospects of this country in my own way. I am hopeful that in the course of time, the experience and wisdom I attain and also the friends (or foes) I make would see me through the daunting task at hand!

12 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Dr suresh v joshi said:

    Excellent plan & all the very best.

    Suresh Joshi

    • N. RANGARAJAN said:

      there is no age limit to enter the arena of politics. develop a strong foundation through education. today education is more abused to prove every worng thing as right thing by tactical and shrwed arguments. it is convincing power vs belief in ethics that has so for been, make belive and finally shatter the hopes for a decent life for the common man. irrespective of the leanings keep an open and receptive mind. my support and best wishes for you to learn the nuances of the most unscrupulus and shrwed world of politics and achive your goals.

  2. It is amazing to know that at this very young age, you have the passion to transform our country. I truly wish you all the very best for all the initiatives that you drive to achieve the goal!!!!


  3. Niranjan Rajadhyaksha said:

    Hi Akshay,
    Lovely blog. Keep it up. Niranjan Kaka (Saawani’s father).

  4. Keep up the good work. I am happy to see a fellow Indian fighting for what he believes in…great job. You can also check out my blog http://thelargestdemocracy.wordpress.com/ Stay in touch and God Bless You.

  5. Rightly said by someone,there’s no age to excellence,it just erupts and baffles the world,keep up this work and i am sure you will. You are thinking in a different perspective and its very good for you and this nation, an advice to you-Never give up on this thing,in your coming life there will be several challenges that will push you to take off from this road,but then also stand and face the situation,

    My best wishes.

  6. Jyothi Prakash said:

    Where there is Will, There is a Way,
    When You have a Pure-True Intention to Develop Your Mother Land- Bharat,
    The Blessings of GODS, the Prayers and Blessings of your Well Wishers will be a shield in fulfilling your Goal. But beware of YourSelf do not become a slave of your EGO and Pride after you Achieve your Status. Don’t become another Foolish Political Party Leader.
    Read Scriptures of our Ancient Bharat and find about the Requirements of the Public at that Time, and see what was the end of those Rulers who did not fulfill their duties.
    You are My Mother Land Bharat’s Fresh pure blood, collect likeminded Youths from different parts of Bharat from different levels of Financial, Educational, Faiths, Cultural background Youths under an Umbrella of Your Dream New Bharat by New Bharati’s, Use Sanskrit as an official Language for New Bharat, Use English only to convey your message, Learn and Teach Pure Sanskrit within the Members of New Bharat through this you can clean up the rotten Brains that lost its value of self Identity, Instead of thinking that the Indian Political leader’s Body is composed of Indian Mud and Food, They steal and save Indian Wealth outside India to feed the Grand Children of the individuals who made My Mother Land Bharat to lose Her Beauty. It is the Time to Regain her Beauty for you and your friends of your Age to admire her beauty and Fashion her.
    Jai HIND, Vandhe Mataram.

  7. India needs more young people like you to rejuvenate the country. May God bless you.

  8. Shikhar Lal said:

    Hi Akshay! I was going through some tweets when I came across some of yours and found ‘indianpolitytoday’! Its nice to see youngsters taking such interest in one of the largest and most complex type of political system in the world!
    Keep up the creative work! You’ll surely achieve what you have aimed!

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