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Anyone remember the Lokpal Bill? Yes, it’s been buried by certain ‘Parliamentary procedures’ which the Government claimed to follow, when it was referred to the Select Committee recently. It has been more than a year since the first agitation for the Bill began last April, and more than 43 years since the first introduction of the Lokpal in the Parliament. Last September, the Parliament promised us in-principle that the Bill would be along the lines that various NGOs wanted it and as soon as possible. They backtracked on both those promises and have prolonged our wait. How much longer are we prepared to wait?

Time is running out – every corrupt person is busy cleaning up his or her mess. So are we gonna wait till all the mess is cleaned up, the money lost and India doomed? We need to stop this – NOW. From 25th of July Team Anna is going to renew its agitation for the Lokpal. We have to show the Government in a fresh agitation that we will not rest till the Lokpal is brought and the corrupt are punished.

The last time we tried to push hard for the Bill, Team Anna was accused of ‘dictating’ to the Parliament. Today, the Bill is in cold storage. Is this what we wanted? Are we satisfied with the progress it is making? Let’s not let Anna and his team down, folks. They are working so hard so that our future is brighter. I know it is difficult to take out time from our day-to-day commitments, but think of it like this – Isn’t that time spent going to be productive? A show of numbers is what the Government wants to see and is scared of. Let us give it to them! All those interested can check out the areas where the local agitation is planned on the official website of India Against Corruption (IAC). Please join the agitation in any way you can – Every bit is going to help! Jai Hind!

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