The week has not been a very good one for me – in many ways. Mumbai, today, was noisier than ever. However, there have been a growing number of people of the new generation refusing to burst firecrackers on three accounts. One, it is anti-environment. Two, it is unfair to turn money into smoke (literally) when so many poor Indians do not have the means to buy themselves a day’s food! Three, crackers are increasingly becoming irritatingly and unbearably noisy. When I was little, the ‘cool’ kids usually established their ‘coolness’ by bursting dangerous and loud crackers. Now, (at least in my circles) if you’re ‘cool’ or even want to be ‘cool’, then you have got to stop bursting or even liking the crackers-part of Diwali!

I have come up with an idea for the week’s article. Here it is :

Team Anna’s anti-Congress campaign. (I want to discuss reasons given by Team Anna to target the Congress and the reasons the Congress gave for calling it a ‘threat to democracy.’)

I shall be in Pune for four days, starting tomorrow and shall be writing on the above idea from there. I hope to complete the article before the coming Sunday. Till then, have a good time!